You can rely on Craigmore Trees for an extensive range of trees, hedging and shrubs. We are tree suppliers, serving customers across County Armagh, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and the UK. Get in touch with us today with any enquiries.

Ornamental and fruit trees

At Craigmore Trees based in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, we stock a wide range of ornamental trees and fruit trees suitable for the smallest garden up to the largest parkland. Speak to a member of our staff to discuss your needs or for a free estimate.

Ornamental tree list

Acer Crimson King
Acer Drumondii
Alnus Cordata
Alnus Glutinosa Imperialis
Amelanchier Canadensis
Betula Jaqumontii
Betula Nigra
Betula Pendula
Betula Pendula Purpurea
Betula Youngii
Carpinus Betulus Fastigiata
Cotoneaster Coral Beauty
Cotoneaster Cornubia
Cotoneaster Hybridus pendulus
Crataegus Pauls Scarlet
Fagus Sylvatica
Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea
Ginko Biloba
Liquidamber Styraciflua
Lirodendron Tulipifera
Malus Evereste
Malus Golden Hornet
Malus Gorgeous
Malus John Downie
Malus Red Sentinel
Malus Scarlet
Prunus Cerasifera Nigra
Prunus Cheal’s Weeping
Prunus Kanzan
Prunus Okame
Prunus Pandora
Prunus Shirotae
Prunus Snow Goose
Prunus sub Autumnalis Rosea
Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula
Quercus Ilex
Quercus Robur
Salix Chrysocoma
Sorbus Aria Lutescens
Sorbus Aria Majestica
Sorbus Autumn Spire
Sorbus Cardinal Royal
Sorbus Cashmiriana
Sorbus Chinese Lace
Sorbus Intermedia
Sorbus Joseph Rock
Sorbus Pink Pagoda
Sorbus Sheerwater Seedling
Sorbus Vilmorinii
Tilia Cordata Greenspire
– Deep crimson purple leaves
– Leaves with broad creamy white margins
– Italian Alder. Fast growing tree with shiny green leaves. Excellent for damp soil
– Attractive small tree with finely cut leaves. Good for damp areas
– Snowy mespilus. Abundant white flowers in spring
– Himalayan birch. Striking white bark
– River birch. Flaking red orange bark. Good for wet soil
– Silver birch
– Purple leaf birch with similar bark and habit to Betula Pendula
– Weeping birch. Small tree
– Upright hornbeam. Neat columnar growth habit
– Orange red berries. Glossy green leaves. Weeping habit
– Profuse large red berries
– Abundant brilliant red berries on hanging branches
– Double scarlet flowers
– Green beech
– Copper beech
– Maidenhair Tree. Medium to large tree. Stunning autumn colour
– Beautiful large tree. Stunning crimson autumn colour
– Fast growing tree, distinctive lobed leaves. Tulip shaped yellow green flowers
– Abundant white flowers from red buds. Orange fruits
– Large crops of yellow fruit lasting long into winter
– Pink white flowers, glossy orange red fruits
– White flowers in spring followed by red fruits. Popular for jelly
– Large clusters of deep red fruit remaining well into January
– Purple leaved crab. White flowers followed by copious small, dark red fruits
– Purple plum. Purple red foliage. Abundant pink flowers
– Drooping branches wreathed with double deep pink flowers
– Large double purple-pink flowers
– Small tree producing a mass of rich pink flowers in early spring. Good autumn colour
– Small tree with delicate pale pink spring flowers. Unfolding new leaves a rich bronze
– Table top cherry. Very large semi-double white flowers
– A narrow upright small tree. Profuse white flowers. Good autumn colour
– Semi-double blush-pink flowers appearing throughout the winter
– Willow leaved pear. Small tree. Silver willow-like leaves
– Evergreen Oak. A very impressive large tree. Really good for screening all year round
– English oak
– Weeping willow
– White Beam. Silvery grey leaves
– White Beam. Upright tree. Large glossy silvery green leaves
– A new variety of Sorbus. Compact columnar habit. Yellow berries
– Upright form with profuse bright red berries
– Gleaming white berries remaining long after leaves have fallen
– Small tree of upright habit, with deeply cut fern-like leaves. Good autumn colour
– Medium sized tree. Green leaves with silver underside. Orange berries in autumn
– Fiery autumn colour. Creamy yellow berries
– Abundant pink berries, blue green leaves
– Upright growth habit. Orange red berries. Good for the small garden
– Clusters of rose red berries turning pink to white flushed rose
– Small leaved lime. Sweetly scented tiny white flower

Fruit trees

Apple Bramley’s Seedling
Apple Cox
Apple Discovery
Apple Elstar
Apple James Grieve
Apple Katy
Apple Laxton’s Superb
Apple Red Devil
Damson Shropshire Prune
Pear Conference
Pear Williams
Plum Opal
Plum Victoria
Ardcairn Russet
Blood of the Boyne
Bloody Butcher
Brown Crofton
Cavan Wine
Green Chisel
Irish Peach
Kerry Pippin
Lady Fingers of Offaly
Ross Nonpareil
Sam Young
Scarlet Crofton
– The best cooking apple. Strong grower
– The original Cox. Deep cream flesh and sweet aromatic flavour
– Early variety. Bright red, crisp and juicy fruit
– Very heavy crops of good quality sweet, crisp and juicy fruit
– Crisp and juicy. Excellent flavour and reliable cropper
– Sweet juicy apples. Good for eating and cider
– Similar to Cox. Sweet and aromatic
– Deep scarlet skin and red stained flesh. Intense fruity strawberry flavour
– Very reliable cropper with intense flavour
– Reliable cropper. Large green juicy fruit. Self – fertile
– A very reliable variety with yellow russet fruit
– Early cropping variety. Large sweet yellow fruit
– Early cropper with medium reddish – purple fruit
– The most popular plum with high quality and quantity yields
– Co Cork 1890 dessert. Banana-like taste
– N. Ireland 1800 cooking. Firm dry white flesh
– Co Louth 1890 dessert. Sweet strawberry taste
– Co Kilkenny/Offaly 1900 cooking. Crimson fruit with white flesh
– Co Sligo 1950 dessert. Intense sweet sharp rich flavour
– Co Cavan 1930 dessert. Large, firm flesh, sweet
– Co Donegal dessert. Crisp juicy white flesh
– Co Sligo 1950 dessert. Small yellow red fruit, slightly perfumed
– Co Armagh 1837 early dual purpose apple. Sharp juicy flesh
– Co Kilkenny 1802 dessert. Rich fruity sweet taste
– Co Offaly & Monaghan 1851. Savoury soft flesh
– Co Meath 1902 dessert. Rich aromatic sweet flavour
– 1820 dessert. Small high quality late keeper
– Co Sligo late 1500s dessert. Sweet almost scented taste